Help creating a shortcut to server files

I'd like to make a permanent shortcut on my dekstop directing it a specific network location (I believe it would be called mounting in Linux). As a Windows user I'm having difficulty making this within Zorin. I can access the files via "smb://specific location/" all I need is to put this on my desktop so when I boot the folder will be readily available. As a new user please "go slow and be thorough"...thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You need to mount the volume automatically when log in to create a shortcut.
Here's a tutorial I follow for a such purpose.

Appreciate the assistance. Reading through the link you provided, it states "An attached hard-drive to mount." As I am trying to access a specific file on a NAS these directions appear not to apply to my scenario.

I use a home-made NAS running OpenMediaVault.
(It was a salvage effort to now EOL Netgear Home NAS.)

In my case, creating a permanent link requires to change settings in the web interface of NAS. You might want to check the manual of your NAS.