Help disabling magic lamp

i would like to disable magic lamp gnome tweak. currently when i disable it from the application apps it re-enables after restarting the pc

Are there any entries for Magic Lamp Extension in your ~/.config directory?

there is a folder with that name in usr/share/doc which contains changelog.gz
should i delete that?

No, files in Root should be left alone.
Your Home (~)/.config directory is a Personalization Directory - it is where your preferred individual settings are kept.
Whereas other locations may contain a System File for that application; which is what makes it run and function.

You do raise a point: Uninstalling Magic Lamp would be one way of disabling it...
It would be gone unless you reinstall it.

sudo apt remove gnome-shell-extension-zorin-magic-lamp-effect

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Are you sure that this lamp effect that you say aren't the Interface options on Zorin Appearance? Because after disabling them I saw a different look on restoring and minimizing windows, the jelly option gives an animation like a lamp effect but I may be wrong, I just searched this effect on Google and saw some similarities :blush:

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