Help - I can't setup a third party desktop theme

Hello there, how is everyone doing? I hope you are all doing well:D

So basically my problem is that I can't setup a third party desktop theme in Zorin OS(16) I followed all of the instructions listed in the topic below, maybe could someone help me to set it up? Thanks alot:D!

Did you navigate to .local or did you attempt to use local (look carefully, there is a difference [hint - period in the front of the first one] ). If it's there, it will show.

That is a common mistake, but if that wasn't what was wrong, you mind sharing a little more detail about where you were confused/unsure and what isn't working?

The instructions are explained in 15 steps, perhaps you can tell what went wrong or on which part of the instruction you could not proceed?

Yes i navigated to .local which was in the 'Home' folder among the hidden files, to be more specific, when i went to 'Zorin Appearance' (as said in the last step) Shell was deactivated and my theme didn't show in 'Applications'

Exactly the last step I believe

The theme file may be a Master File. For example, let's say you download a theme that comes with different variations of the accent color. It will be wrapped in a master file that contains all the themes. You need to ensure that only the actual Theme Folder is placed in ~/.themes or /.local/share/themes.

Now i knew my mistake, placed the master folder, thank you so much for your help, it is very appreciated:D

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