Help installating Software using third party websites

Which distro's software should I use to install in my Zorin OS Lite ??
And how to install it ??

Ubuntu. But you can get vlc via Zorin Software Manager.


But in the desription of VLC Media Player in the Software Manager it is written that is never updated i.e., of oldest version..

If you choose Flathub (upper right corner of Software Manager), it will get updated continuously.

I don't know if there's a PPA for vlc ifyou want to avoid flat/snap

Most of the Linux apps are installed "within" the OS.
It is a big difference from Windows where downloading installers are required (except for Windows Store apps).

To install VLC,

  1. Open the Terminal (ctrl+alt+T)
  2. Issue the following commands (one line at a time)

sudo apt update

sudo apt install vlc

Type the password when prompt asks for it (you will not see what you are typing for security reason)

To install the latest VLC, please follow the instruction at the bottom of this page by adding PPA.