Help installing app/adding source repo

I am trying to to install an App called Gridtracker, GridTracker - GridTracker Downloads

When I try sudo apt-get install gridtracker I get an error saying E: Unable to locate package gridtracker
When I trying the Gridtracker v1.24 01.512 all-arch.deb and go through the software utility I get the error :
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
gridtracker: Depends: nwjs but it is not installable

Is there anyone that can help me please, I really need this App
I am using the latest version of Zorin Core that is all updated and upgraded, but I am new to Linux as I am wanting to get rid of Windows for good.
Many Thanks

Maybe using a tar.gz is easier, when I tried once I didn't need to do anything more, the archive just worked as intended.

I would recommend setting up their repository and install from there, instead of using the .deb package. This way you can have automatic updates when they are available.

The instructions on their site are quite straight forward, you can use the provided shell script that handles all of this and then install. Launch a terminal and enter these two commands, one at the time:

This will add their repository to your system:

curl | sudo bash

This will update the cache and install gridtracker.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install gridtracker
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Thanks that worked, I tried that before, but saw it just sat there doing nothing, not knowing it was waiting for the password.Linux newbie error!!

Thanks again