Help Needed: Avita Essentials 14 N4000 Celeron - Sound Issue and System Hang

Hey everyone,

I'm reaching out to this forum seeking some assistance with my Avita Essentials 14 N4000 Celeron laptop. Recently, I've been encountering two persistent issues that are quite frustrating: sound problems and system hang-ups.

  1. Sound Issue: After The installation of zorin os lite 17.1, no sound available on my laptop. I've checked all the usual suspects like volume settings and ensuring nothing is muted, but the problem persists. It's really disrupting my work and entertainment.
  2. System Hang: Additionally, after about an hour or two of usage, the entire system freezes up, forcing me to perform a hard restart. This is incredibly inconvenient and affects my productivity.

I've tried a few basic troubleshooting steps like updating drivers and running antivirus scans, but so far, nothing has worked. I'm starting to wonder if there might be a deeper issue at play here.

If anyone has experienced similar problems with their Avita Essentials 14 N4000 Celeron or has any insights into how to resolve these issues, I would greatly appreciate your help. Any tips, suggestions, or guidance would be incredibly valuable.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!