[HELP!] Screen Won't turn on After lid Closed

Date: 4/5/22
**OS:**Zorin Os 16 Core
**Device:**HP 15db0015dx (AMD A6/ With AMD Radeon R4)

Hello! When I close my laptop lid and when the screen turns black the screen will not turn back on, I have to hard reset my laptop just to be able to use it again I have looked everywhere online and can't find something that works. I think this happened because I had secure boot on when I updated my PC last but my PC is up to date and I am impatient to wait for an update. Can someone please help me!

Sadly, the "Ubuntu won't wake from suspend" is an ever present thorn in the side of Ubuntu and Ubuntu-derivative users.

I'm not saying this will work, but have you tried using the function keys to turn off/on the screen?

I'm also curious if it would help to use a script to restart the x service on wake. I'll explore the idea some more, but no promises.

One solution would be to shutdown when you're done instead of putting it to sleep.


I would not try the 5.15 kernel recommended in aravisian's link, but you may want to try recompiling the acpi management service described in a post below the kernel upgrade, with a link to the how to.

I have not tried the functions keys but I will see if it works, and How to do the ACPI management thing I don't see the link

Follow the Ubuntu 20 doesn't wake up link and read past the 5.15 kernel suggestion. It's in aravisian's post.

Ahh ok, I have read it but haven't tried it tho, but I will

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