Help to find solution with 3 application

Hello all.
I have some question if someone have experience how to use this in Zorin.
Line application to chatting with people. It have in google chrome extension but cannot talking like on normal version
Farmville 2 flash player a game with extension .msi also
League of Angels III application with adobe flash with extension .exe
I would like find solution with tools in Linux not using some solusion installing operating system inside operating system like virtual machines or emulators.
So maybe someone using some another type a Installation extension
I know I wrote that before.
If someone find something and testing what not working or will be working it help me not double doing things what people tried with the same methods.
-Wine not working.
-Ruffle not working
-Flashpoint Infinity not working.

  • Adobe Flash Player from github - not working.

Adobe Flash has become an Untouchable ever since Adobe dropped support. That was quite a shakeup.

I really wonder if Steam or another highly developed provider will be the only viable recourse.

This is an Android app, isn't it?

Line i have on windows 7 also in chrome extension poor version. Yes it is also on android.
here is link
I find some information this League... working on Linux but how to install?
If working that Farmville also could be working.
League of Angels III Reviews and Pricing 2021

here when you scroll down exist Linux.

Sounds like your game is on playonlinux and LINE can be installed via Wine.

Many other messaging apps can have native Linux or web support (telegram, WhatsApp, Element, Nextcloud Talk, Zoom, etc.)

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Line working with instruction from webside @a_user


LOA3 can not be played on linux the only way would be trough a virtual machine running windows.

This i have information from developer this a game. So we can closed this article.

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