Help to installing Pop_OS auto tiling

Hello guys,
I am new to Linux and ZorinOS, I need to install Pop_OS auto tiling on ZorinOS, Since I am newbie I faced to a problem when I tried to install it, I used following link for installing and the problem is in the command line.

Makefile:23: recipe for target ‘transpile’ failed
make: *** [transpile] Error 1

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Hi and welcome! Would this meet your tiling needs?

You will need to install gnome-tweaks first though. :wink:

I notice it was built (Pop!_OS) for Ubuntu 20.04. Zorin is currently based on Ubuntu 18.04 - Zorin 16 will be based on 20.04 but won’t be out till end of this year/early next. :wink:


Thank you @swarfendor437
It’s a good alternative, just one question, how can I disable/enable it?

Good question! I think at present all you can do is switch off that specific extension in Gnome Extensions in Gnome Tweaks - not ideal I know!

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Thank you @swarfendor437
because of this option I switched to Pop_OS for a month, but it slows down my laptop after 3 weeks!
I guess Zorin is the best Option

Well it is a nice option and you can tweak it to your needs. If you want lightness and speed take a look at AntiX 19 or MX-Linux 19 - very minimal on resources which means your notebook will fly! Also take a look at LXQt (the Qt version of what was/is LXDE) - I added it to Zorin Core and still have it if I want to login to that DE for a change:


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Actually I tried at least 20 distros and I think ZorinOS is the best Linux distro, My Notebook has 256 GB NVME SSD, with Intel Core i3 8th gen, it should work fine.
Anyway thank you for helping…

Hey, always glad to help where I can friend! :wink:

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Guide for installing on Zorin 16