Help to remove some app

Hey friend
I'm new with linux system and I want to Thank you for Zorin os and i like it so much .
i had installed some programs on the os but I cant remove it by (apt or snap)
please help me to remove it from the system becaus I dont want to format my computer.

Hello @myshuker, and welcome to Zorin OS and its forum.
Could you please tell the method you used to install those apps?


thanks for replaying
coindicator : I install it from this Github link:

with those commands:
ng commands:

 git clone
 cd coinprice-indicator

but its not works so I want to uninstall it
but the others app I cant remeber how I install it ... sorry

@myshuker install Synaptic in the software store. Then fire up Synaptic and look for the programs you installed, chances are you can easily remove them that way·

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thanks for replaying but that not help me
I cant find them in Synaptic tools...
I search in the internet so I find way to remove the most of them but not (coindicator, Advanced Rest Client) both I cant find way to remove it

It is installed from a ./ script. I looked at the link you shared and there is no script given to uninstall to app so I suggest you delete all its files.

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Done... Thanks
the help me
I just delete the file.... thanks friend


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