Help with custom auto light/dark theme

Hi, thanks for reading this. I find the built-in auto light/dark theme switcher really useful, I really like it. I was wondering if there was a way to choose which aspects of the theme change for every mode.

I don't have a problem with the dark theme but, for the light one, I'd like to keep a dark shell (just as I can keep the dark menu and taskbar on Windows 10, while having a light theme for windows).

I know there is not a built-in feature for this, but is there any way to get it? If so, how?

Could I disable the auto theme switcher and somehow implement my own? Maybe some gnome extension (I can look for one right now since the site seems to be down)?

I hope you could understand what I mean, thanks in advance!


I'm not entirely sure this will work with every program, but I think that for the gnome terminal you can choose the theme that will apply regardless of the system-wide theme settings.

Open a terminal window and on the top right open the menu and select "preferences". Under profiles you can have multiple profiles with different settings, the default should be called exactly that: default. Select that and on the colors tab you have a drop-down menu "Built-in schemes" with a few options. In that same tab you can play around with different settings to tweak the appearance, so have fun!

If you don't want to mess anything, create a new profile first and customize that instead. If you ever want to roll back to the default you will have the first "Default" profile available.


Thanks, but I think having to switch the theme for every program manually is not a good idea.

Anyway, someone told me about this gnome extension that does exactly what I need:

It even has a wallpaper switcher (with just 2 variants, but still)!

Thanks anyway!

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