Help with data recovery

So I just did a little oopsie and deleted a wrong directory with some files in it with the rm command. The files that were deleted were hopefully not that important and I can easily grab a backup of them but I want to be prepared for the worst. What are some good data recovery applications for Linux?

Moral of the story: always be prepared for the worst and have MULTIPLE backups of your important files. I have been in many horrifying and depressing situations thanks to not taking backups seriously!

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I use Diskdigger. It is free and works quite well for that price. Available for Linux or Windows.

Thank you for the suggestion, but I'd want to use an Open-source and libre application. From my quick research, it seems that Diskdigger is closed source and has features locked behind paywalls.

You may try TestDisk:

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Thank you, that seems to be a good application. I originally came across it but I thought it is only intended to recover dead partitions and drives, and does not work for individual files and folders. Also the lack of UI drove me off.

That is actually why I default to suggesting Diskdigger. Not everything is always Open Source, though we prefer it. And to be technical, the 'features' of Zorin OS Ultimate are locked behind paywalls. :wink: Developers should be paid for their work... But the features that are essential on DiskDigger are free; a person can pay for Convenience features.

There are many CLI commands that can perform a huge variety of recovery processes. The beauty of the CLI is that it goes far above and beyond what most any limited GUI application can offer- which is part of what I think scares people.

There is Ddrescue - though I have never used it and I am not sure if it fulfils your requirements, though you may look that up, as well.

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