Help with increasing /var space

Hi, I can use some help in this problem: my /var partition space is too low as the uploaded pic shows...

Thanks in advance...

What in heavens name do you have in /var that is so big? It's a bit more complicated as /var is not allocated last on the drive. Have you tried first with a cleaner app to see what's taking up all the spaces?


Can you suggest any cleaner app, because it came so big by trying many programs...

I can't, not because I won't but I remove stuff manually, so I don't have any references to apps to do it best and saftest. Pehaps another user can chip in here who uses cleaners.

Can you run this in terminal:

sudo dh -h /var | sort -h | tail

This will give you a summary of the biggest files and directories inside /var. This would at least give you a better idea of which is responsible for living in your drive rent-free. My guess is log files, some process that went haywire and started writing to /var/log like crazy.

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OK thank you all, Anastasios...

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sudo apt clean

In terms of a cleaner program, use Stacer.

Says: 'Unable to locate package dh' ...

My bad, that's supposed to be du and not dh (I always get this command mixed up). So:

sudo du -h /var | sort -h | tail

Have you checked how much space is being used for logs, then if a lot, reduce it. See: Using the Terminal Emulator in Linux Distros - #2 by zabadabadoo

Ooow, typing error it was...

641M /var/lib/flatpak/app/com.playonlinux.PlayOnLinux4/x86_64/stable/5a30aa047546618f1b56086be2a0f728467455d0c8e035c2361a5fb78445cf37
641M /var/lib/flatpak/app/com.playonlinux.PlayOnLinux4/x86_64/stable/5a30aa047546618f1b56086be2a0f728467455d0c8e035c2361a5fb78445cf37/files
2,4G /var/lib/flatpak/app
5,3G /var/lib/snapd/snaps
5,9G /var/lib/snapd
6,4G /var/lib/flatpak/repo/objects
6,5G /var/lib/flatpak/repo
9,0G /var/lib/flatpak
16G /var
16G /var/lib

Now, flatpak & snapd were the guilty ones, right?

Aye, they eat up spaces like candy. Go through your apps and uninstall apps you don't use, eventually install .deb package of it instead. there's a reason why we recommend .deb packages instead flat and snap.


You can get the full list

flatpak list
snap list

EDIT: found this flatpak cleaner app which remove leftover once you have removed the apps:Install Flatsweep on Linux | Flathub

Thank you men for all the info!!

That's right, Mr. Flatpak and Mr. Snap are causing trouble again.