Help with Lightburn on Zorin OS 16 Core

I have been using windows since 3.11 on my first computer. I liked windows 98 and xp, after that it just got stupid. Now I don't have but one computer that runs on windows and only because I cannot get my laser software to run on Zorin. I have tried Linux for many years all with just giving up because I couldn't run windows programs with it, I couldn't figure out wine, and the terminal is Greek to me. When I found Zorin I moved all my computers over and I have been using it solely for almost 2 years with no problems except for the laser software "Lightburn".

Windows today is garbage at best and I hate using it, I will never go back to windows as my daily driver. Windows is riddled with spyware, spam, viruses, and full of dozens of worthless software that you can't remove. There is nothing good windows has to offer users anymore, and this has been for many years.

Even if Zorin was to disappear I will still use the Zorin on my computers because its the best operating system I have had on my computer for many years.

The one thing I do ask of Zorin is help to get Lightburn to work on my computer so I can rid my house of windows completely.

I assume you have looked here re Lightburn? Troubleshooting - LightBurn Software Documentation

What laser printer do you have?

Which version and flavour of ZorinOS do you have e.g. Z16 Core, Z15.3 Lite etc

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