Help with MSI Ethernet Controller

Hi there,

I just installed zorin OS on a 2020 MSI gs66. Everything works flawlessly and I love the OS but the physical ethernet port is not working. This was working in windows but no luck in linux. Wifi is working though so thats cool but would like to get the hardwired connection working.

I am not sure if this has anything to do with it but in the additional drivers tab, it says the intel device is “not working”

Also, here is the lshw:

Hi, jordanl010.
Can you try ?
Also helps if you can provide the lspci output.

Below is a screenshot of the lspci. I also started down the route of that article and install the backports but it says linux-backports-modules-2.6.28-11-generic is not installed. Should I install that? Dont want to make the problem worse without getting some confirmation that I should install that.

Thanks for the output - I guess the system doesn’t have any more details on the network controller, just generic Intel.
Yes, go ahead and install. It’s just a package. We can remove it later if it doesn’t help.

Particularly which part should I try on that one post that you sent? The backports install I am assuming?

Correct. Exactly the command on and then reboot.


Can you post the output of uname-r?


Can you check that Secure Boot is disabled under UEFI (in BIOS)?
Please also check that r8168 package is not installed (you can use Synaptic).

We can’t determine the exact model of your network controller but there are other folks having problems with integrated controllers. Unfortunately, getting a PCI network card may be your best bet.