Help with N300 EASY SETUP router model F300 cannot reset it

I have a "TENDA" wireless N300 EASY SETUP router model F300 applied the firmware US_F300V2.0RTL_V12.01.01.42_multi_TDE01.bin to it. Currently the reset button does not work. I can't enter the interface. It does not reset or return to factory settings.
SYS light blinks, the WI FI and LAN 1 and WAN lights are fixed, in terms of lights everything is normal, however I can't (by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds) erase the parameters that I entered in a way to be able to enter the interface through
I will appreciate your help

Did you update using the web browser route?

Zorin forum is here to help issues with Zorin installations and getting peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, graphic tablets to work etc. Routers should be best addressed on the manufacturer's forum/community forums.

Hi thank you for your reply, I did update using the web browser. however I cannot enter to it, I think the router got stucked. I tried contacting the manufacturer's support but the local email is out of service. They don't seem to have a forum.

Tenda is part of Shenzen Corporation. That really should have Tech Support.

Have you tried the Netgear community channel/official channel? When I searched for that model it stated Netgear as the manufacturer.

Oops - must have made a typo. Can you try contacting through this site?

Choose your country to phone/email

thank you all guys for your reply, @swarfendor437 I tried contacting my local web site in Argentina, but their mail doesn't work, so i sent a mail to the USA web site , and also a message to Colombian Facebook. I will wait for their answers. I might have briked it.

Sorry to hear that friend. I hope it is covered under warranty - if you followed the instructions to the letter on updating and it bricked then it could be software fault?

indeed, i think i set the right software but anything could happen, this product wasn't good from the beginning. Thank you. I will let you guys know what they told me if they reply.
I also have watched several videos on youtube, but there isn't much. There's an indian guy trying a shortcut but I tried to imitate him and didn't succeed

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