Help with task bar in zorin os lite 16.2

Hi, I just installed Zorin OS Lite 16.2 and I would like the taskbar to be on my two screens, I had managed to do it but now I don't know what I have done that it only appears on one screen and the "Extend monitors" option doesn't seem to be working.

Thank you in advance!

Does this help?

Right click anywhere on the panel and follow Panel >
Select Panel Preferences.
A popover window with panel settings and configurations will appear.
At the Very top - you see a drop down menu noting your Current Panel and then a (+) and a (-) button. Click the (+) to add a panel. The (-) to remove a panel.

After clicking the (+), a new panel will pop into existing. Click the handles to drag it to the other monitor in the position you want. Configure it however you want from that Panel Preferences Window.

Thanks, that's a possible solution, although I'd like the same panel to be on both screens, but I'll settle for that.

You could duplicate the content of the first panel on the second by choosing the same applets.

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Yeah that's what I'll do, although it's a bit lazy but it's weird to see the bar only on one screen so I'll do it.

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