Help with VPN in Settings GUI

I started a post asking about VPNs and it migrated into a different question.

Here's the post about the other question so I can hopefully get it answered. That will depend on my ability to ask it in the end.

When going to the Zorin menu previously and selecting "Settings" from the list that shows on the right, with "Software" and "Zorin Appearance", it would bring up system options and one was Internet which is where I'd go to toggle between WiFi and wired connection options. There was a list of other, I guess you'd call them, systems or utilities listed where you could easily access them.
Now I get the attached when I go to settings.

How do I get rid of it and get back the other?

As a sidebar, this got lost because this was where I could go to see my VPN options already available with the installation of Zorin OS 16.3 pro.

If I understand correctly what happens, click on the arrow to return to the previous options


I edited the thread title to reflect more about the question being asked.

If an existing thread covers this topic, please remember that off-topic posts or tangents can be separated out and placed in new relevant threads so that you do not need to create a new duplicate thread.
Would you like the previous thread cleaned up?

Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? I checked pretty much everything else but this.

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Whatever you need to do to get things the way they should be I would appreciate!

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Since this thread just got the solution in one try, I believe it should remain. I will comb the other thread later and see what can be pruned.