Help with "WINE" opening Windows program's will only start from exe file in directory tree, IMac

I have made a youtube vid to help explain. But basically I have to open the programme from browsing C drive for the executable.
apologies my microphone is low, turn on cc or turn up the sound.

Once I have opened any Windows exe from file tree I can then use the pinned ap in the taskbar for any other windows programme

This is on my iMac under x11 & Wayland . I had a Nvidia driver after reading that causes problems in Wine I rolled back to Xorg Nouveau driver .

Its not a deal breaker but is annoying. I tried to find a way putting Wine in 'Startup Applications' but can't see how.

This looks like a post asking for help to solve the issue of Wine apps not launching from the Startup Apps, with a video illustrating the issue.

I have set this in the main General Help, but if the O.P. intended this to be a Tutorial or Guide, please do clarify.

@Goingbush, In the Zorin App Menu, open Main Menu and use the GUI application to select and add your Wine Applications to the main Zorin Application Menu. They can be placed under the category of "Wine" if you like.

Another option would be to create .desktop files for the apps in the ~/.local/share/applications directory containing:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Application Name
Comment=A short description of the application

Replace the fields with the necessary information; exec should contain the path to the .exe file or command to launch it.

Thanks Aravisian, Yes its a call for help, rather than a tutorial.
I have the Wine apps in Main Menu , And Desktop files created . They still don't open unless I open one first from 'browse C drive'

Is your virtual C drive located in your Home Directory in ~/.wine? Or is it located on another drive or another partition?

It is in the home directory.
screenshot of PCmanFM showing path at top .

Further to my WINE problem under Z17.1 on the iMac , I just did a clean install of Z16.3 to a 500GB external SSD via USB3 , & installed WINE ( I forgot how slow & clunky Z16 Software store was compared to 17) , Installed Photoshop PSE2 from an external optical drive, & it fires straight up from the menu or task bar once I made it a 'favourite'.

My other problem that was in Z17 on the iMac is also solved under 16.3 , The screen brightness control now works.

I would not call my issue Solved , but I can live with Z16.3 so its a acceptable compromise.

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