[HELP] Zorin Trash Bin Icons

recently an update came out which ruined icons on a trash bin for me. It looked like this:

I changed the icon on the icon going Right Click > Preferences > and changed the icon there. But now, when the trash is full, it does not change icon to full. Where is the config file for this? Or do I need speciffic icon with more layers?

Thanks in advance.

The icon should be called user-trash-full . That looks like a symbolic icon, so user-trash-full-symbolic. I would guess it to be located in /usr/share/icons/(Icon-theme-you are using)/symbolic/status
For example: /usr/share/icons/ZorinBlue-Dark/scalable/status/user-trash-full-symbolic.svg

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Thanks for reporting this regression! We've published a fix for the icon themes, so it should appear in the Software Updater now.


YAY! Thanks. Incredible speed there guys!

Yes, I truly know that, but then I applied icon directly, it did not changed the icon to the full, if I selected full icon, the bin was bloated the whole time