Hi can anyone help me to enable wifi on waydroid?

i have been searching for 2 days pls help

Wow, it's so containerized and isolated that it can't even see the Wi-Fi, or it just hasn't the permission to connect, but I suppose that you enabled it when you installed it if you could at least reach a settings section. Otherwise I have no idea about why it doesn't work.

Are you booting in Legacy (MBR) and not EFI?
Do you have UFW Firewall enabled?
Do you have dbus-x11 installed?

apt search dbus-x11

Have you tried this suggestion here;

yes i have tried it

help i forgot to answer cause of my o level exams but one of these cmds has rurned of my laptops internet even moblie usb thethering doesnt work
bwt exams in less then 15 days :skull:

Could you clarify?

We need to know more then, about your hardware.

sudo lshw -C network

What drivers are you using?

What commands did you run?

idk 2 many

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