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Zorin Core 16

I have enabled hibernation using the usual techniques, swap file, polcat file, etc. systemctl hibernate works

What I can't find is a hibernate button. I want to be able to press a button and have the computer hibernate. It is a desktop.

On a laptop, I was able to get Zorin to hibernate on close lid. Great, but still no button.

On a related note, Kodi won't hibernate because System.CanHibernate() apparently returns false. Not Zorin's fault, but I can't help but wonder if it is related.

Does anyone know how to enable a button in Zorin Core 16 that I can click on to hibernate this desktop?

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I do not know what you mean exactly by "hibernate" but you can set the power button for "suspend".

Go to Settings and open Power setting.
You can change the behaviour of the power button there (it is the 2nd from the bottom of the list). The screen shot is is Japanese but I think the order of list remains the same in English.

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AGREED. You can set the power button to Suspend. This means that when you press your power button, your computer goes into hibernation. Isn't that fun?

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Sorry. Suspend is not what I want. Hibernate would be save state to disk, power off.

Suspend would be save state to ram, power on. Standard windows terms.

Suspend to ram is fine until you lose power.


I apologize for not realizing this right away, I am doing my best!

Please install this extension...

Here is what it looks like on my machine from my taskbar.

And thank you for posting that because even I admit that I often confuse them, and yes, I was confusing them back when I was on Windows over 6 years ago too.

Hopefully that extension gets you going the way its supposed to!


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This mod does not add a hibernate button, but it does add hibernate as an option for the power button, so now I can press the power button to hibernate.

As a side benefit, Kodi now knows it can hibernate and that button is available and functional.

Also used in this discovery was

StarTreker, can you please walk me through installing that extension? I saw this in my searches, but I have no idea how to install it.

Sure! Whenever its your first time installing extensions, you must first install and enable the Gnome Extension browser integration, this works both in Chrome, and in Firefox browsers.

Then once you have completed that task, go to the extension I linked you too here...

Now, you should be able to see a toggle button to the right side of the page. Click on that. A message will popup asking you the confirm installation of extension. By all means, confirm it.

Now the extension has been installed, and it can be accessed via the right side of your taskbar.

I'm using a different taskbar then you, so mine will look a little different, that is not important, what is important, is you understand where its located.

OK, I hope my posts have been informative for you.


Thanks for your help. Beam me up.

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I have installed Gnome Shell Extensions in Brave and opened up the link to install the hibernate button but there is no toggle button. I get the error message above about needing to install a Native Host Connector. Are you able to help me get that please? Also, if I get that far should I just install the newest version 4.0 of the Hibernate extension. I am running OS 16 Core.

I also did not see the extension on my laptop. I followed StarTreker's link and everything went fine except for the part where the extension "power" button appears on the bar.

Last night I followed this post on how to install extensions from a zip file on my desktop. It worked fine (except that now I have two hibernate options...). I just tried it on the laptop and still nothing.

Mostly the apps you are to install are already installed, but no foul. Essentially you are grabing a uuid from the zip file, creating a directory, unzipping the contents to that directory and enabling the extension. Ideally what the browser extension should do.

Hope it works for you.


Also, my issue with the extension power button not appearing on the laptop may be related to the resolution. It supports, at most, 1024 * 600. I have to float the taskbar. Gnome-tweaks doesn't show the left menu pane. The machine is an Aspire One, it came to me with Windows 7. Intel Atom 1.66gHz, 2GB RAM. Slow as molasses in February.

It's fine for now.

For the record guys, I said the browser integration works with Chrome and Firefox, I never said a thing about the Brave browser. I've never used the Brave browser, I've never tested it. Let the record show, I mentioned Chrome and Firefox.

You can find installed extensions in the EXTENSIONS menu. You can also access them from Gnome-Tweaks. If you don't see the toggle on the webpage, thats probably because your Brave browser aint supported. Use one of the browsers I mentioned to install the "Gnome Extension Integration"

I used the Google chrome extension. I'll give the firefox version a shot.

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