Hibernate Mode in Zorin OS 16 Pro

Can team Zorin please create a fully functioning Hibernation mode? I need to "freeze" my screen on occasion an don't want to concern myself with battery level as sleep mode (suspend) drains the battery over time.

A utility to enable this would be great. Thank you.

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Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
When you click on the power button on the Task bar, the first option is "suspend". Will it fit what you were looking for?

First for hibernation mode, you need swap partition and additional setup in grub

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Actually it looks like Swap File is suffice - no need for Swap Partition:

I must disagree here- For Hibernation, a swap Partition really is necessary.
WindowstoZorin has a valid point; Setting up Hibernation on Ubuntu really is a pain.
I realize that article suggests otherwise but Hibernate needs swap on a partition, not a file.

That is very interesting.
If fact, I always have Swap Partition - not that I need Hibernation, but without this, VMWare will complain every time it is started.

I also have a Swap File created during the installation which I leave as is.

It seems swap File and Swap Partition can coexist without any adverse effects.

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Oh yes, they can coexist. And why it is exactly that Hibernation needs swap on a separate partition is:
I forget.

I tried a quick net search (A real quick one) but got no where... But I do recall several times when on these forums I helped a member, step by step, setting up hibernate that Swap needed to be on a partition or it did not work or did not work properly.

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I found this on Linux Mint Forum. I think the last one for the power menu will not work but the other commands will because both Zorin and Linux Mint are based on Ubuntu.


With all due respect, it is not a pain... It is a 5minute's job (if you know, what you are doing :slight_smile: )

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It would be helpful to the other members in the forum if you could tell us how you did it :slight_smile:

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Many thanks to describe how you managed to enable hydernation in Zorin :slight_smile:

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