.hidden file in home directory?

I have a hidden file in home directory named as ".hidden" in home folder. It contains "core" written in it, I just want to confirm this something malicious or not, do you people have this file ?

Yes, I have the file too. As to its purpose, It may serve to identify your edition of Zorin - Pro, Core, Lite - but that's just a guess.

I also have it.
The ~/.hidden file is used as a list that the user can create or modify - the list states what files should automatically be hidden upon login or boot.
Sometimes, installing something places a non-hidden directory in your home folder that is clutter. In my case, I could use the example of xpadneo or powerlevel10k Steam
So, let's say you add to that list:

Then on next Login, these directories will be hidden.

EDIT: I should point out - this is for Nautilus (Gnome) File manager. It does not work on Thunar or Nemo...

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