Hide Titlebar of fullscreen window in Z16

Hey guys, in Zorin 15 I was able to press "Alt + F11" to make a window fullscreen and hide its Titlebar. This was particularly useful in Spotify where I could get it to take one workspace and fill the entire screen.

However, in Zorin 16 i can't seem to be able do this anymore. Pressing "Alt + F10" only makes the window fullscreen, but does not hide the Titlebar. =(

How can I accomplish that behavior in Z16?

Settings -> Interface -> Zorin Taskbar -> Intelihide panel

Not sure if I follow your instructions. But what I'm referring to is the Titlebar, where the Close, Minimize and Maximize buttons are, not the Taskbar. Pressing "Alt + F11" in Z15 would hide the Titlebar.


Ah, sorry, I misunderstood your question.
Did you check the keyboard shortcut settings?
In its default settings, maximization is set to Super + UP

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Thank you! The "Toggle Fullscreen mode" is by default disabled in Z16. I just added a custom shortcut.
I had previously looked just at the "Toggle Maximization State" assuming it was the above. Maximization State behaves the same as super + up.

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