Hiding Certain Running Apps in Taskbar

Still loving my move from Windows 11 to Zorin. I have been not just enjoying the OS but also learning new things in Linux. There are times I feel "ugh - this is hard" and feel the urge just to go back to Windows but then I remember years ago when I first got a PC that Windows was also somewhat daunting and I just had to learn.

So with that out of the way, one thing I would like to solve is hiding some of the icons of running apps. I don't need to see things like mounted drives, the variety app icon, etc. In windows, I can select what to hide from the taskbar even if it is still running. Anyone have a good tutorial on how to make that happen?


Very well said. I remember this clearly, too.
It looks like you have Status Notifier extensions - and you wish to exclude certain apps from the status notification. Is that correct?

That is correct. There are some I would still like to show and others that I would just like to hide.

Following - I was going to ask this exact same question.. I have the same apps showing up in my running apps that are also showing up in the right hand notification shade.. wish I could drag them into a little box / pane like I can in Windows, or choose to hide them from running apps if they already appear on the right.

As an aside, @JGlover314 what theme are you running? Is the taskbar transparent?

Just running the default UI with the dark theme enabled.

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When it comes to Gnome Intricacies, I am woefully unqualified. I know how to do this on Lite... but not how the Gnome Extensions include the applications to notify.
I might look in the extension js files and see...

I have looked over this- I could be wrong, but the .js files seem to generically allow for calling in, rather than calling out to the apps for notifications. Instead, the apps that wish to send notifications do the calling.
Disabling certain apps from within the extension does not seem to be the way to do this since they are not mentioned in the extension.
So - cross that option off the list.

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