High CPU temperature on MacBookPro v2

Hello friends,

I installed Zorin OS 17 core on my MacBook Pro 15" 2015 and the processor gets very hot. Here's a picture of the temperatures:

Everything works fine, except the hot processor bothers me. There was a similar post before, but it was closed without a solution. I hope you guys can help me with this problem.

Thank you!

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Did You take a Look in the System-Monitor if there are any heavy-load Processes?

Yes, the CPU load was low, around 20%.
I also installed thermald and reboot the system and now with the battery charger disconnected and see what happens.

I've worked with several laptops, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, but none of them come close to Apple hardware. With Zorin installed I have a perfect developer's laptop. I hope this overheating processor doesn't force me to go back to MacOS (which is a beautiful OS too btw).

So I'm desperately looking for a solution to this overheating problem.

Which GPU are you using?

92 degrees Celsius is very hot.

I'm not familiar with Apple Machines and so I don't know if it possible on that but have You ever played with the Voltages or the Clock Speed?

Another Thing could be that the Thermalpaste maybe must be renewed. And clean the Inside could be a good Idea too.


AMD Radeon,

I think the problem is the dust in the fan and bad cooling pasta.
As I became desperate I tried to install AMD GPU driver, but ended up in a black screen with a frozen mouse pointer.

I gave up and went back to MacOS :frowning: cuz I have some projects to do. Ironically, also on MacOS the problem persists :cry:

That's what I'm going to do tomorrow, I suspect the laptop is full of dust and old thermal pasta.

I'll let you know if that's the cause of the problem, I really hope so.

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A short update, a few hours after the fresh MacOS install, my laptop seems to work much better. It doesn't get hot anymore, but still I will clean the fans and stuff to have better performance.

I guess Apple's OS is perfectly optimized for their hardware configuration, while Zorin/Ubuntu/other-Linux-distros is more a one size fits all.


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