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High cpu usage 100% crash zorin lite 16

All processes will be listed in system monitor. inxi helped identify the resource hogs, system monitor would have done the same. But seems like it again points back to kdenlive, as already noted by Storm.
All I found was already noted by Storm: https://www.reddit.com/r/kdenlive/comments/hpovpx/100_cpu_usage_while_rendering/

Ok, that's very good info, i'll change settings related with cpu in kdenlive, and I'll clean motherboard ,then tell the results. there r finally thing i want to refer to it: a lot of people are suffering from the high noise fan in hp pc, and hp company in there site answer things related to manage power and other people manage the noise of fan by managing cpu maxmuim to 98%, i saw that in windows but in linux i tried cpupower-gui, but i found new states beside performance,powersaver like ondemand, userspace,schedulti,conserative, what is the default one and what is the best one for my pc?

@eid To avoid future confusion or us having to repeatedly ask you which edition of ZorinOS you are using, can you please edit your forum profile to indicate you have "Lite". Thanks, Zab.


ok,i did that Thanks

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