High CPU usage on Zorin OS

since the last update I have problem with high usage of processor. I have Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44, dual boot with Windows 11 and Zorin OS 16.1. My CPU consumption is very high (above 60%), even when I don't have any program running. Before the update, CPU usage was around 5-10%. There is no such problem on Windows.
Thank you for help.

That is very high and unusual CPU usage...
What happens if you boot Zorin on the Earlier kernel?
From the gub menu, select Advanced options for Zorin and arrow key to the earlier kernel to select it.

Unfortunately, even if I boot Zorin on the earlier kernel I have the same problem. In addition my second screen doesn't work on the earlier kernel.

As this is dual boot
Do you have Secure Boot disabled or enabled in the BIOS /EFI settings?

While in the MB settings, are you set to AHCI or to RAID? (You likely need to be set to AHCI).

In Windows - Control panel - Power controls, you must have Fast Boot or Fast Startup on Windows Disabled.

I have disabled Secure Boot in the BIOS settings. I have just disabled fast boot in Windows. Unfortunately it didn't help, i still have high CPU usage.

Install tlp for a better battery life and CPU usage

sudo apt install tlp tlp-rdw

I tried it before but it didn't help.

I saw a high CPU usage on a fresh Zorin OS install once (and only once... Zorin OS is notorious for its very good CPU usage). I did a fresh reinstall of the O.S. and that got rid of it. Never figured out what went wrong...

So, I try reinstall Zorin OS in next week. I hope that I will never have again problem with high CPU usage after update. I think that maybe I have this problem because I have enabled fast boot option in Windows. In addition, a few days ago there was a big update on Windows, it may affect Zorin OS?
Thank you for help.

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It is within the realm of possibility... But I would check other factors first. It is rare that a Windows update will change BIOS settings.

But yes Fast Boot absolutely Must be disabled. It locks the drive.

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Today I reinstalled Zorin OS and my CPU usage looks that:

It is better, my laptop fans are definitely quieter, but i think that my CPU usage should be lower. What do you think? It is correct CPU usage or it should be lower? Any idea how to lower CPU usage?

That looks normal to me, though I have little in the frame of reference of what applications you were running at the time.
At Idle, with no browser or other item running, you should see between 1% and 4%.
Once you launch something, you should see CPU Spike (How high varies on processor speed, number of cores, threading, etc) then drop to around 10% to 20%.

I think that it's not good, because that screenshot was made after idle (no progams running). I have made another measurements and this is results:

Unfortunately, my CPU usage it's still too high.

My answer was a very general one. You posted a screenshot showing programs running, including Tracker Miner. It still looks normal to me.
What counts as "idle" can vary a bit, since the Updater and other programs may occasionally run in the background.

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Today I decided to install another Linux distribution Fedora. On Fedora CPU usage is definitely lower.

I'll be using the Fedora for now, maybe I will reinstall the Zorin OS someday. Thank you everyone for your help.


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