High performance / saver mode

Hey there!
I saw that there was a "High Performance" option or a "Battery Saver" option e.g. at Pop_OS.
Is there such thing at Zorin OS or some way to install this?

You can install Gnome extention " CPU Power Manager"
Cpu Power Manager

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These options are just for user conveyance, The Use of these modes is just for the user explaining the PC in short how bad you want your battery and how bad you don't want your battery. As, The battery majorly depends on the screen brightness nothing more. These modes only control the Brightness of the PC :joy:

You includes presentation mode and the battery controlled is just the energy you use in the screen. You can get most of these modes and better using extensions.


Also, I usually suggest that notebook users install TLP to assist with battery management

sudo apt install tlp

There is no interface with TLP. It automatically monitors battery performance with no additional work needed.

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