High temperature on RX 6600 sapphire plus

After start a computer my gpu have 42 temperature
When i started old game it comes to 82 or 84 temperature.

I am not using any overclocking.

That is normal or linux don't using some correct drivers? Where are sensors to control that temperature?
If I changed resolution to lower then temperature go down. This graphic card isn't to much old.
What should I do? Back to complaint seller. Change for another? I have a headeach with that amd graphic cards. This is not first time.

It's normal for AMD cards to boil an egg on. On different windows tech boards this is also reported.


Propably here.

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I fixed the problem with temperature.

I changed monitor from 144Mhz to 60 Mhz

Running at a higher refresh rate (144MHz) means your graphics card must redraw the screen that often. It's working!

Just because your graphics card can do that doesn't mean it needs to. There is no purpose of redrawing the desktop that often. It doesn't change much, so why do you need a cat to be able to see it change? (Cats process movement faster, so 60MHz is equivalent to a slide show. A screen must refresh at at least 120 MHz for a cat to see it as constant movement).

My nvidia card can do 120MHz, and the screen supports it, but the internet I use and my eyes barely notice the difference. I also don't want to Max my card out and have it fail on me. So I limit it to 90MHz on games and movies. Less buffering for movies and the network can keep up for gaming. It also runs cooler.

That's also why I run the CPU on-demand, rarely ever using performance or turbo (unless the need arises). I can't have the games on ultra high everything either... it overwhelms both the GPU & CPU. I'm happy with what I get out of it though (still better than any console, without stutter).

That why I am linux user. I have on my old pc win10 but every day using linux on newer pc. Old machine W10 is very slowly like elephant.
Besides linux learning me I don't need fireworks milions app.
Maybe in future i will be considering using a mac but diffrents with linux and mac are huge. More apps, more gaming and you can installing on any machine.
Besides my graphic card is better on 2560x1440 pixel not lower.
When i taken lower resolution my screen is and all things are poor.

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