Hiren's BCD in grub loader

I want to add Hiren's BCD in grub loader so that I can run Hiren's BCD after computer start.

Please send me Boot sequence for software Grub Costumizer

Hirens BCD resides in a Portable Bootable Medium, so you would only need to select that medium as your Boot Device by pressing F12, F10 or F8 at the splash screen of your motherboard at start up.
Since Hirens BCD is not installed on your system, you cannot add it to Grub with a boot sequence.

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What you are trying to do is to load an ISO from the boot loader (GRUB). This is possible even if you don't have installed the system you are trying to boot. GRUB is a powerful tool that allows you to do several things like boot an image on startup, I leave you a link where it explains a bit the process, but surely you should inform you much more, as it is something that usually changes depending on the system you start because they have different ways of working even if it is another Linux distribution.

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