Hogwarts here I come!

I'm ready to bring mayheim to Hogwarts when I learn the 3 unspeakable forbidden spells and bring doom doom dooooooom!!!
As you can see I play Hogwarts Legacy via Steam on Linux :smiley:


that's awesome !
myself i don't play games...but that's awesome :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grin:

Avada Kedavra
Also known as the killing curse, this spell causes instant and painless death to a living person or creature.

Cruciatus Curse
Repeated use of this curse is considered torture, and can cause extreme pain that drives a victim insane.

Imperius Curse
This powerful spell puts the victim under the caster's control, though someone with strong willpower may be able to resist.

Im a Harry Potter fan myself. Based on what you said, i can only assume your joining the house of Slitherin. Be sure to give Malphwoy the boot. :crazy_face:

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Malfoy is a water comprehend to me when I join Slytherin, muwhahaha. :slight_smile: