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I seeing linux is very funcionally and fast.
I want using like a bare metal and home server.
First question can i using bare metal and home server on virtual machine or better configuration on some another mini pc desktop?

A mini pc is always better than a virtual desktop as the system has direct access to the hardware thing can be smoother in bare metal. I also have a home server Emby running on a raspberry pi and a small server running on my primary system. Baremetal systems are always suitable for servers. It's my opinion the choice is yours :blush:

Yes but they are many proxmo, qnas, freenas,openmediavault,casaos,pxesynology etc.

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Do you have a site or a Youtube file that would discuss how to set up this server as well as how to secure it?

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I have this small pc.

Some ideas?

This should be fine for a samll media server or a server for not so heavy use :blush:

Do you want to setup emby media server ?
If you want to install it in linux just download and install the deb file from here

and then start the service by typing this in terminal

sudo systemctl start emby-server.service  

If you want to secure it install a firewall like ufw

sudo apt install ufw gufw 

and activate it by typing

sudo ufw enable

then type

sudo ufw allow 8096/tcp
sudo ufw allow 8096/udp

to allow incoming and outgoing connection to the server
then open any web browser and type
localhost:8096 on the browser to access the emby page and start configuring it

OR you can just follow this article for more clarifications

How to Install Emby Media Server on Ubuntu 20.04 - Manjaro dot site


On photo what i put they only some version linux what will be working.

just give it a try, I think that was the latest version of the operating system available at the time of writing that article so just try if newer versions are working now, in my opinion, they should work in that specs

AND if it can run windows 10 64 bit it can also run most of the operating system without any trouble

Then i need some linux operating system and then install that or this is just full version server ?

Fedora server for the latest software
Rocky Linux for a rock-solid server
Ubuntu server for rock stable software
There is also
Opensuse server etc

Basically, any Linux distro that does not have a Desktop environment can be used as a fully-fledged server

If you have a external monitor you can install any Linux distro and use it like normal pc

I installed that but i am very confuse how to use that. I opened ports in firewall.
This isn't something like a Synology.

Yes It is nothing like a Synology, its just for your media like videos and movies
Are you able to access the emby webpage? in

And the other thing is you need to set a static IP for emby to work properly
You can refer to this video: Emby Media Server Installation on Ubuntu Server - YouTube
It has some unnecessary steps that you can avoid
And you can refer to this video for configuring static IP address :How to Configure Static IP address on Ubuntu 20.04 - YouTube

Yes. I was inside emby and with sharing folders was weird only for /home/user name/Downloads and cannot choose any another folder. Propably some settings more priviliges.

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