Horizontal Scroll Bar

Anyone know how to add a horizontal scrollbar on the bottom of my windows?
When I do banking I need to have 2 windows opened, and moving left to right, vise versa would be great.

A horizontal scroll needs to be part of the window widget, in our case, written in gtk.

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Uuuugh... Oh well.. Thanks

Are you referring to a specific widget window - a browser or something else?

On any open window. Kmymoney & Brave Browser are the 2 programs that are open. Would be nice to slide them both left & right instead of having to minimize & maximize them several times.

I think I am visualizing what you describe correctly - and yes, my initial answer is spot on, it seems.
However... If I am understanding your trouble correctly, I have the same trouble: Which I resolved by always having Two Monitors side by side.
I can have more than one open window full size, side by side.
I started doing this not too long after switching to Zorin OS and now... I absolutely cannot go back to using One Little Monitor...

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