Hot corner in Zorin

Dear Zorin users
I’ve just installed Zorin as my another Linux distribution. I used Zorin a yera ago, but now I decided to use it one more time.
I have got a little problem with Zorin desktop, because unfortunately there is no hot corner function.
In Zorin it is possible to place “Show all aplications” on Zorin bar, but in Gnome e.g. in POP OS there is a function to only “touch” with mouse a corner to see al application. I do not know if I cannot find this feature or it is not supported in Zorin. I would like to be able to only touch a corner (without clikcing) to see all application on current desktop.


Is this any help?

Forgot to add, you will need to install Gnome Tweaks to access it.
Forth one down.

Type sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool into the Terminal, then hit ↵ Enter . This will contact the official repository to download the GNOME Tweak Tool package. When prompted, enter your account (current) password and the download and installation will proceed.

Thank you for your answer. I have got one more question for this solution.
I see on this extension work with 3.26 3.32 .3.34 and 3.36. My gnome shell is 3.30.2 will it be ok if I install one of those versions?

I am not sure what Gnome Shell version is, how did you locate that information? If you let me know, I can check mine as I have got Hot Corners to work.

I typed

gnome-shell --version

in terminal

My version is the same as yours.

Have you installed this extension from a “Software” or some other way?

Yep, from Software.

Thank you so much for help!

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Anytime. :+1:t2: