Hover Preview in Mac/Ubuntu Layout Dock

Is there a way to get the same sort of window hover preview in the the Mac/Ubuntu layout's dash that you get in the various Windows layout task bars? The native settings don't provide the same options. I find myself surprisingly liking the mac layout, but I really prefer the Windows style hover for navigating multiple instances of something being open.

Click Zorin :zorin: logo bottom of screen, type EXTENSIONS. Open that. Scroll down to Zorin DASH. Yours will be enabled cause your using it, I am not using mine, thats why its disabled.

Go to the launcher tab, you will see show preview there, as shown in my screenshot.

My bad, I should have included a screenshot.

I don't like the native mac layout's version of preview, as it's not a hover preview, it needs two clicks.


I think that is what you are asking for in click action, change to show previews. Maybe that works?

No, clicking is what I don't want. In the Windows layout, as in actual windows, mousing over something minimized to the task bar displays a preview. This option is not present in the native mac/ubuntu dash settings. I'm hoping someone knows a workaround for this. Probably some extension I haven't figured out the right name to search for.

I realize what you want, but I don't know how to make it happen. My recommendation is to play around with the dash settings until you hopefully find it. There's a lot of settings in there that change behavior as you've seen, its pretty well featured.

I know we've had other's come on here asking for the same kind of things as you. I don't know what else to suggest, unless just going back to the Windows layout. But thats only if you can't find an option in Zorin Dash settings to enable that.

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