How admin user can read/write other users home?

First of all: I just installed Zorin OS and it is amazing!! :slight_smile:

I created 2 users:

  • user1 as admin which is sudoer
  • user2 for 1 user which is not sudoer

as user1 I can read home folder or user2, but without writing rights.
What would be the best way to set up so that user1 can also write home folder of user2 (but no other users)?
I was thinking to work with user groups, but what would be the best practice?

Thanks in advance

is user1 in the root group?

You can use suid and guid. See here for details.

yes user 1 is the root
user2 not

The idea is to have user1 just as admin and user2 to be just the normal user, without admin rights (eg. user2 will not be able to install programs)

Well that is the problem I have with Linux: I find a lot of guide on specific commands, but not real guidelines and best practices to follow.
In this example i know suid and guid commands, but how do I best implement a system with 1 admin user and 1 non admin user?

Thanks in advance

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