How can i add keyboard shortcut to open quick settings? what is the command for the custom shortcut?

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Do You mean with ''Quick Settings'' the Gnome Settings?

i think? the part in the taskbar where it shows the wifi and battery and when you click it it shows more toggles

You mean this?

yes, how can i add a keyboard shortcut to launch that?

I haven't found any references to do that. It would probably be easier to create a shortcut to one of the actions within the quick settings menu. Are you trying to do something specific?

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Is simply click on it not an Option?

i'll probably just do that, nothing specific i'm just new to linux and i'm recreating shortcuts from windows cause i'm used to just clicking shortcuts rather than using the trackpad


Given the purpose of Zorin OS, I consider this statement useful feedback for the @staff

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Yeah, I think the quick menu is mostly visual thing (don't quote me on that). But otherwise the Gnome desktop environment that Zorin OS uses under the hood is very keyboard oriented. Go to System -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts to see the ones that already exist and change them as needed. There's also a section to create your own custom shortcuts.