How can I change the floating screensaver image?

I am using Zorin OS Lite and I am looking for a simple screensaver that can show an image around in random places, similar to the included “Floating Xfce” one. Is it possible to change the rat image to a custom one? If not, is there any other screensaver that can let me do this? Even the “Pictures folder” would do, if it had an option to show the pictures in random locations.

Just imagine this one, but with the Zorin OS logo! :slight_smile:

You can open screensaver-preferences from your app menu or by entering in terminal


From there, you can select “Slideshow” and then click the Preferences Icon on the button below the list to change the directory that retrieves the images. The Slideshow function is different from a Floating Image like the floating XFCE example, but it may suit your needs.

As for completely replacing the floating XFCE image- all the other files associated with the Screensaver are shared libraries. Not so easy to edit.
You would need to install Vim, open the direct shared library and then convert it from binary to ASCII, make changes, then convert it back and hope it works- which it is likely to not work. Changing the length of a string will break the shared object.
It is highly recommended to not edit shared objects.


That editing thing sounds cumbersome - I’ll be better off forking the repo, replacing the SVG and rebuilding it!

The slideshow screensaver won’t display an image at random locations, but I can simulate what I need my generating like a hundred files with the logo at different spots!

While I have you, would be able to mention the reason for not including a customized or Zorin OS-branded screensaver out of the box? Everything else is so meticulously crafted - a matching screensaver would really complete the look!

Yes, it is definitely preferable to build off of the source code over trying to edit a shared library.

Great thinking. That had not occurred to me. I would think that could be a bit choppy and resource intensive. I also have a style of my own and might have the Zorin logo fading in and out like a throbber, rather than bouncing around. Similar to the Plymouth theme of Zorin 15; which I think is a marked improvement over the Zorin 12 Plymouth.

I cannot- I am only a member of the forum, not a member of the Zorin Team.
I would only be speculating and I am sure we would speculate similar reasons why it has not been done.
Come to think of it- you have me wondering now if MXLinux has done it.

Either way, you can suggest it to the Zorin Team in the Feedback category of the forum. I agree that it would be a nice touch.

I was exaggerating! I’ll probably make do with just ten images! I have been looking for some other picture screensavers, but so far I’ve not found any.

This is my first Zorin OS version, so I’m not sure how the screensavers were in earlier versions. I did see videos right from 1.0 all the way till 12 and it was great to see the UI evolve and become as polished as it is right now.

Yes, I must! Perhaps @AZorin will spot this thread and shed some light on the topic! :smiley:


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This is what I managed with 10 images!


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@aalaap Reminds me of a 1970’s tennis video game.