How can I clone linux to new ssd

I currently have two operating system window and Linux mint.

I wanna clone Linux only to new ssd and completely remove windows 10.

I have never done cloning and I don't wanna clone windows alongside linux. Just linux only.

Asking here since Linux mint support doesn't responds.

Use Rescuezilla ( - it can backup your entire system and clone drives - not sure if it has to be the same size. For example, I had to clone a 1 TB HDD to 1 TB SSD of Windows 11 using Rescuezilla for a family member - no problem with it. Alternatively you could try clonezilla as outlined in this article:

Cloning large drive to smaller drive - HDD's tend to be larger than SSD used for OS.

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Currently, My system have 450Gb HDD installed with Linux( 150 Gb) and windows (300 Gb)

I want to clone my current linux partition to SSD 240 GB and replace the Hdd to SSD for upgrade.

And get rid of windows 10 completely.

Please help if you can


Where did you place GRUB?

Hmm, unfortunately I don't remember

It's getting very confusing.

At this point. I think I should just reinstall linux on new ssd and replace the Hdd to SSD

Would it work?

Rescuezilla is a live Linux image meant to clone your partition(s) for reinstallation. You will probably have to format the usb drive as ext4, but otherwise it is rather simple. If you create a Ventoy usb, you can add zorin 16.2 and rescuezilla by dropping them into the drive. Not rescuezilla to save and restore the Zorin image.

I tried putting rescuezilla on USB (might have been MultiSystem) and it would not play. Haven't tried Ventoy with it, as far as I can remember.

I have and use Ventoy on a 256gb thumbdrive.... it works flawlessly. I've cloned my system partition using rescuezilla to a 4tb external hdd.

Use clonezilla and clone partition

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