How can I configure bluetooth to probe and connect paired devices automatically?

My bluetooth device is already paired and trusted through bluetoothctl.
I've already configured the device to pair/connect in dualboot, both zorin and windows.


I want my bluetooth speaker (Sony SRS-XB23) to be connected automatically after login.
From my understanding, windows 10 would always scan for active paired devices, then it will try to probe/connect with it automatically without waiting for the bluetooth device to probe/ask windows.
My speaker is always on, when I reboot zorin os the speaker auto-disconnects. Then, after autologin, I'd have to go through settings to connect the bluetooth device.


I wanna give zorin os my consent, so that it can connect to my speaker automatically like windows does. =^=
Let me know if you have any suggestions, thank you. ^^

Maybe You could try it with Pulse Audio Control. If you don't have it installed, open the Terminal and type sudo apt install pavucontrol and open it.

Then go to the Output Tab and click on the Marker to set it as default/Backup. If you really want only use Your Headphones, you could go to the Configuration Tab, too. And ther You could turn off all other Sound Sources.

Do you have to enable Bluetooth itself too or is it enabled automatically on start-up?

The bluetooth service is turned on after login. (the toggle in the bluetooth sub-settings show enabled and searching)
I only have to connect the device through this sub-setting modal every login:

The check marker is active

Config tab:

Try the bluetooth quick connection gnome extension.