How can I easily transfer my files from Windows to Zorin?

Hi! I haven't installed Zorin on my laptop yet, but I plan to do so. How can I easily transfer my Windows files into Zorin with minimal effort?

I would suggest storing them in an external hard drive which you can then copy to the new Operating System. Depending on how many files you have and the quality of the hard drive, it may take some time, but you only have to do this once and you'll have a backup of your files.

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I use dual-boot (Windows and Zorin) to reach out for the Linux files from Windows I use ext2fsd.
Perhaps this is useful.

The app. worked for me I could easily reach the files as read-only.

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External HDD or by using cloud storage like nextcloud / google one if you have it. That way you can just set up the online account and just pull your files back onto your system. That's what I do anyway with my home folder which get's backed up daily to the cloud from my HDD :grin:

If you own a NAS, you can also transfer all files onto this. NAS can be read and written from different platforms, so Linux or Windows.

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You can connect the drive directly to the computer. Zorin can read and write ntfs.

If this is a dual boot machine, no changes are needed, just open nautilus and choose other on the left... you're drive will be listed (probably just as a size). Double click to mount and access.

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