How can I get latest Gnome file system icons into Zorin file system?


I'm new to Linux, Zorin OS was the first distro I tried and fell in love with its UI. Then I went to try other distros and found the latest Debian uses above system icons in its file manager, while Zorin OS has its own icon style.

I prefer Zorins app icons and file type icons style above other distros; but I prefer Debians (or is it Gnomes?) little system icons in the file manager.

Is there a way to replace (only) these kind of icons, and do that systemwide? I want them to appear is this style also in my ArcMenu.

Yes, you very likely can do so easily - but you need to Identify the name of the Icon Set you wish to use.

Thanks for the link; I checked all the package's screenshots but none have the icon style for the file manager I pictured above.
Also, if I were to find a set of these icons, how would I install it?

The link was just to express the necessity of Identifying the Icon Set.

Which Version of Debian did you see this set? Is the set the same one as pictured in your O.P.?

Pictured above is Nautilus file manager in Gnome 44; I tried Debian 12 and it uses those same icons so I suppose Debian 12 uses Gnome 44 too (or possibly had this icon style since an older Gnome version)

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I would think they come with Zorin OS. But let's check:

sudo apt install gnome-icon-theme

The .deb package used in Debian 12 Bookworm can be found here:

Installing that does not change any icons for me. (not after logging out either)

In Gnome Tweaks>Appearance I can pick different icon themes but that option also changes the folder/filetype and apps icons; I wish to independently change the file manager menu icons

Ah, I see.

The only way I can see of doing that is to copy the Symbolic (scalable folder) icons from the set that you prefer into the set that has the preferred other system icons.

The way I would do this is make a copy in your ~/.icons directory of your preferred system icon set. Name it however you want.
Then replace the "scalable" folder with the "scalable" folder from the preferred symbolic icons.
Then select that new icon set you created in /.icons/whatever-you-named-it in gnome-tweaks.