How can I get more 3rd party desktop backgrounds for Zorin

I kind of like space backgrounds but I think there are only about a handful under the Desktop Settings. Is it possible to find and install more?

Sure, you can download any wallpaper from the net that you like.
I keep all of mine in ~/Pictures/Backgrounds

Your Profile does not say if you are using Lite or Core.

I think a mention you made recently suggests you are on Lite.

Zorin OS Lite (XFCE):

Open Settings from the Zorin App Menu
Or if you are using WhiskerMenu, go to Settings > Settings Manager

Then select Desktop
Toward the bottom, you will see Folder that has a drop down menu button. Click it. Select Other and then browse to which ever directory you keep your wallpapers in and select the one you want.
under Style set whether to scale, tile or zoom.

It also offers a background changer with timer.

this one I like:

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I love these:


They're also super high quality if you have a double monitor setup :wink:

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Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate whether you have Pro, Core, Lite, etc edition of ZorinOS. That will help us help you in the future.

How do I tell which version I am using? I think it is lite but not sure how to check.

sudo apt install neofetch


Look to see what your WIndow Manager is. If it is Mutter you are using Core. If it is XFWM4, you are using Lite.


Here it is.

You are running Xfce (DE = Desktop Environment).

Some time ago on the old forum, a moderator of the time, posted some interesting SF images of space, another consideration but I can't remember the name of the site, so for now enter this in your search engine but make sure your country setting is set to Germany when searching:

I also created some fictional space walls for Zorin, now here:

Also take a look here:

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