How can I get rid of the 60 seconds delay on power off

I'm running Zorin 16 Pro with XFCE.

I'd really like to get rid of the 60 second countdown when I click power off - I click it for a reason, and it needs to happen when I click it. Is it possible to do this?

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Install dconf editor (sudo apt install dconf-editor) and use it to edit /org/gnome/gnome-session/ -> logout prompt, changing it to off.


Perfect! It works - thank you very much!

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I would make a backup of your system now (timeshift, dejadup or clonezilla). Timeshift is the most like windows, i forget the name, where it snapshots your configuration for recovery later.

Dconf editor is a powerful tool. Be careful not to do arbitrary operations without understanding what their impact will be. You can seriously f-up your system if you haphazardly change settings in this tool.

Yeah! I'll be Clonezilla'ing it first thing tmw - I've lost too many previous installs due to "minor" changes :grin:

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