How can i get Zorin 16 alpha, beta? I bought Zorin Ultimate

How can i get Zorin 16 alpha, beta? I bought Zorin Ultimate?

I think you'll need to wait till the public beta.

Alpha was private and only open to several dedicated users and forum participants. AZorin has announced that the public beta will be released in a couple weeks. Watch the forum for updates.

Buying the Ultimate version supports development, but does not guarantee the ability to access alpha or beta builds. This is done by the Zorin team, at their discretion. Showing interest, support for the current build and continued assistance on the forum can not hurt your chances, but does not guarantee anything either.

Understood, new to this, i'll wait patiently, thank you for respondig.

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I also thought of buying Ultimate version, but still no 16 available. I always like latest SW as possible

Zorin OS 16 is in beta at the moment.

Once released then yes, buy Ultimate and support the devs. I bought Ultimate 15 and will by 16 as well.

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