How can I improve Zorin OS performances

I recently installed Zorin OS core and I experimented big lags and freezes whitout big usage. For example I only had discord, spotify and libre office opened and was idling so I wonder how it's even possible to have problem with only this. I was on windows 10 before and I had less performances issue. I switched to linux for a faster laptop and it's even worse so sure it's not magic but anyway like this I can't use my laptop for anything... How could I improve this?

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I doubt there is anything you can do that is going to drastically improve your Zorin performance.

My recommendation is probably to give Linux Mint a try instead. It is similar to Windows as well and it is significantly faster than Zorin from my experience.

Or if you prefer you could use Zorin Lite. (May be an unpopular opinion but I do not like XFCE (Lite) for beginners. If you know your way around it is great and you will be fine though)

To be clear there are some workarounds to make Gnome (Core) faster but they can cause issues. Just not worth it imo.

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With 4 GB of RAM I would run Zorin Lite as Zorin core works best with 8 GB.


Thanks but tbh I don't like interface of it. I checked others distros and it's always pretty ugly compared to Zorin. It may looks stupid to choose a distro based on interface but it's a really important factor for me I mean if you use it hours a day it's better if you appreciate it's look...

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Yeah I tested yesterday but I thought interface was almost same as core but it has nothing to see. No way to make it looks like Zorin core?

You have to ask @Aravisian about that. He's the XFCE expert on this forum.


Meanwhile you could slim the RAM usage by not using Flatpak package and keep your system straight .deb packages so the system uses only share libs which will minimize the RAM usage.

flatpak list

I do agree here but usability is far more important. You can definitely try Zorin Lite but just keep in mind you are more likely to run into issues with it than with Linux Mint Cinnamon or Zorin Core.

Zorin Lite is phenomenal though, XFCE just has little quirks (mostly due to the fact it is extremely customizable)


Curious what all they are going to add with this myself. They do some great work at the Mint team

Good idea so I simply uninstall all flatpak apps and install from snap or from repo and that's all?

And about xfce it looks like very customizable but I guess it has some limitations otherwise it would looks pretty much same as Zorin core

I could be wrong but I believe Snap would be similar to Flatpak in this regard.

XFCE does not really have "limitations" other than the fact it does not look as good.

In fact XFCE is extremely powerful in how it can be customized. More so than Gnome

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So I should rather use repos and don't use app store?

I guess I could do my best for remake it myself but if Zorin's team didn't do it it means it's probably harder than I think...

For me, it seems the last 2 updates have improved performance on my Acer Aspire AO725 from back in 2011. I've had Zorin 16.2 Lite on it for about 2 months I believe. Other than that I installed, preload. I think I'm seeing a small performance increase but I'll take it. lol. To be fair, I am using it with an SSD and 8GB of RAM.

Additionally, I compared the Zorin shell to the XFCE and Zorin was lighter at idle on system RAM.

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Perhaps the explanation of Core and Lite on the official website is confusing; whether Core runs comfortably depends on the performance of the PC, not on the new or old. And since Core and Lite have different desktop environments, they cannot be used in the same way. See also:

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Snap got the same problem as Flat. You got to stick with the .deb packages as possible if you want to improve performance. Both flat and snap runs sandbox which can have heavy impact on performance, especially on old computers. By using .deb you allow the system to share it libs between the different apps, which means less resources are used to run them.

I gave you a command which list your flatpak apps, by posting it, we could probably find an alternative to flat.

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Please check for BIOS firmware/driver updates.

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