How can I install the Intel microcode?

And in Windows?

No I never had these errors, also not on other laptops where I install Zorin

The only suggestion I can make is that you use this machine as a Windows machine and install light weight Linux such as MXLinux as a virtual machine. That seems to be the only way to install Linux on it.


I think I will look for a solution for a while longer, if I can't do it, I think I will throw the laptop in the trash. :laughing:

Here is Intel

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Yup I saw that.
But you still do not need any Microcode.
It already comes with update :slight_smile:

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I have integrated graphic card here.

from reddit

After I saw so many people having a problem, I will avoid integrated GPU for my next build as well. My 2 desktops are relatively problem free since their CPU is just a CPU and no graphics in it.

Since this Microcode issue is solved, please create a new thread where you can ask another question.



Please do not change :ballot_box_with_check: solution box.
I selected @Winged1's answer since it the the correct answer to you initial question "How can I install the Intel microcode".

And do not forget to start a new thread for your other problems.

I will close this thread so that you do not accidentally add more comments.