How can I install the same GUI as my laptop which has Zorin OS pro onto my spare laptop?

Good Evening ,I already have Zorin OS Pro but I also have a spare laptop which has Zorin OS 16 .1 ,unfortunately when it boots it displays a different desktop interface GUI than the pro version . I wish to convert my friend over to linux but the GUI is not identical to mine when the laptop boots...

Here is my question: How can I install the same GUI as my laptop which has Zorin OS pro onto my spare laptop which has Zorin OS 16.1 ?
Just to let you know my ZOSPRO machine looks like a version of IOS with the floating task bar at the bottom of the screen .... that is what I wish to install on my spare laptop so that my friend can see the same GUI at boot time....

Pro uses the Gnome Desktop. Zorin Core also uses Gnome.
Did you install Zorin OS Lite (XFCE)?

As far as I know you can install your copy of Pro on as many machines as you own but you will only receive support from Zorin on your prime use machine. That is usually how paid for versions of distributions work. If you had issues with your second machine then you would have to ask the community via this forum. You should also point out to yiur friend that they would need to purchase Pro if they wanted that desktop appearance.

Okay, Zorin OS Pro has extra themes preinstalled, You can go to Zorin Appearance in the start menu and customize there. If you Do not see any themes, You might have installed Zorin from the wrong .iso file. The Pro Version .iso file is sent to you via email and you need to reinstall the OS via that file :wink:

He has it installed on his main machine, he has non-pro on his notebook which he wants to show to his friend but does not have the Mac Appearance. I've explained in my previous post.

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